Armatage Neighborhood Association




  • Funded the park playground, shared-use gym and Gateway Art sculpture
  • Contributed to improvements to the Washburn Tot Lot on 58th and Washburn
  • Funded the Youthstart Work Program at Armatage Park for 12-15 year-olds and an after school educational scholarship program at Armatage School
  • Participated in community meetings for park improvements and skateboard park
  • Participate in an active partnership with the park for community events



  • Contributed to the new gym and classrooms
  • Funded the repaving for the new Kaboom playground
  • Funded an after school educational support program at Armatage school
  • First sponsor to donate to the Armatage school Family Fun Walk in 2007
  • Participate in an active partnership with the school on sharing resources for school and community events



  • Hosted Arbor Day at Armatage park and planted over 100 trees
  • Established an Armatage garden club
  • Minnesota Green membership
  • Co-sponsored several Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off events
  • Sponsored a storm drain stenciling event with the Friends of the Mississippi River
  • Participated in Earth Day events
  • Hosted a presentation by the Minnesota Energy Challenge
  • Awarded Climate Change Micro Grant and distributed 300 compact fluorescent light bulbs and over $1000 in energy saving products from Settergren Hardware


Accepted into the Community Energy Services Program

  • To provide a comprehensive residential energy program to Armatage homeowners



  • Instituted Business Façade Improvement Program (14 matching grants given)
  • Presented to the City Planning Commission to ensure business improvements will improve neighborhood appearance



  • Distributed over $400,000 in Home Improvement Loans
  • Established an additional $200,000 revolving loan fund – low interest home improvement loans continuously in use by neighbors
  • Established an Emergency deferred loan program for Armatage homeowners
  • Participated in the South Minneapolis Housing Fair
  • Provided assistance to homeowners over tear-down and variance issues



  • Provided 750 “Slow Down – We Live Here” yard signs to Armatage residents to coincide with Crosstown reconstruction from 2007-2010
  • Worked on traffic calming on Penn Avenue and 60th Street
  • Worked with MNDot to host two community meetings regarding the Crosstown reconstruction


Crime and Safety

  • Created safety committee to address resident safety concerns and work with the police department to address issues
  • Annually promote block leader training and National Night Out
  • Sponsored lighting improvements, rebates and graffiti removal to strengthen the safety of the neighborhood
  • Maintained block map database
  • Sponsored bike safety clinics for kids
  • Worked on improving lighting around school and park to increase safety


Community Building

  • Publish quarterly newsletter
  • Sponsor annual neighborhood events including Summer and Winter Festivals and neighborhood garage sales and car show
  • Established website
  • Created and installed Armatage Neighborhood signs for boundary entrances
  • Deliver Welcome Packets in reusable Armatage bag to new residents
  • Email city and neighborhood information to Armatage email list
  • Launched new line of Armatage gear for residents to display neighborhood pride
  • Participate in regular meetings with other Southwest neighborhood groups
  • Sponsor “Armatage Treasure” award with recognition at Annual Meeting
  • Participate in annual BLEND award - to encourage and reward builders, architects, and home owners to blend newly remodeled or constructed homes and businesses into the fabric of southwest Minneapolis neighborhoods


When the ANA was first developing a NRP Full Action Plan in 1995, they surveyed the residents to identify priorities. The community center and school at the center of our neighborhood were identified as a high priority for improvements. As a result, the ANA formed a park/school task force to study the issue of potential improvements to the facilities. This turned into a multi-million dollar project with many funding partners spanning numerous years. The result is that a new gymnasium, 3 classrooms, media center, computer lab, and office and storage spaces were built which physically linked the park and school buildings into one continuous entity. Not only has the physical impact of this project enormously enhanced the opportunities for neighborhood residents, but a new spirit of cooperation has developed between the ANA, the park, and the school.


ANA Contracts with Armatage School and Park


Armatage Park and School Improvements Contract with the School Board to complete improvements to Armatage School, including a new gym and an office for ANA.


Armatage Park Playground Design Contract with the Park Board to hire a consultant to create a schematic design for revitalizing the playground.


Armatage Park Playground Equipment Contract with the Park Board to install new ADA compliant playground equipment at Armatage Park.


School/Park Study Contract with the School Board to arrange for and oversee a feasibility study of proposed school improvements.


Armatage Park Playground Loan Contract with the Park Board to complete playground improvements at Armatage Park. These funds are a loan to the Park Board, and will be repaid to the Armatage NRP in 2003.

$100,000.00 Loan

Armatage Park Youthstart Program Contract with the Park Board to hire up to 4 youth for 10 hours a week from 2006 through mid 2008 as part of the Youthstart Program.


Peaceful Playground Contract with the School Board to provide funds for the re-asphalting of the playground at Armatage Community and Montessori School.


After School Program contract with the School Board to provide an after school program for up to 20 students for three quarters per year for two years.





Of the $1,256,054 Armatage NRP Phase I allotment, $715,000 or 57% went to Armatage School and Park.

Of the $375,682 Armatage NRP Phase II allotment contracted to date, $45,000 or 12% has gone to Armatage School and Park.