Welcome to the Armatage neighborhood!

The Armatage Neighborhood Association (ANA) was founded in 1991 as part of a citywide effort to increase opportunities for residents to connect with city and to allow neighborhoods to address local concerns.

Located in the southwest corner of the city, Armatage neighborhood is bounded on:

  • the north by 54th Street W
  • the east by Logan Ave S
  • the south by Hwy 62 (Crosstown)
  • the west by Xerxes Ave S

armatage map

Welcome to your Park Programs for Older Residents Survey

The ANA and our neighborhood park want to offer programming to older residents that they would like to participate in! Some ideas we have come up with are listed below. Check those that interest you and/or tell us what you’d like to have available in our neighborhood!

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Monthly ANA Meeting

Tuesday, January 19
6:30 pm at Armatage Park

Fire on Ice Skating Party

Fire on Ice: Family Skating Party

Friday, January 22th
6:00-8:00 pm
Armatage Park

Join us down at Armatage Park for the second annual Fire & Ice Skating Party! Grab your mittens and hat for this outdoor neighborhood celebration. Enjoy a night with family and friends skating (weather permitting) and a variety of outdoor activities or keep warm with hot chocolate and bonfire. No registration required, just come on down!

armatage word cloudWord Cloud generated by the Southwest Minneapolis Neighborhood Survey
conducted by UofM student Madelyn Sundberg

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